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Release Day Blitz - Jake by L. Ann Marie


Jake’s been working with the Baxters since they were on SEAL Team 10. That’s more than ten years. He’s watched their kids grow up and his other team members and coworkers getting married.
He wants all of that too. He’s sick of picking up random women and one-night stands. He wants a family and he wants it yesterday.

*Content Warning: includes graphic language and sex. Intended for mature audiences 18+

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I never seduced a man, but I’ve read enough romance novels to know how to do it and I’m going to try. I know he wants me, Mitch says I need to let him know I’m ready. That’s the plan. Before the party he’ll know that I’m ready and we can go to the party relaxed. I’ve had enough sleepless nights. I don’t really know how to take care of myself so I can get through a night. How do you ask a question like that? I even tried to Google it. I’m not waiting anymore. I want relief like the books I read say it can be. Mitch handed me a book, but it’s about men, it doesn’t tell me a damn thing about me. I read the whole thing twice, but I don’t have any experience to apply it to.

The floor shakes and I know he’s on his bike and he’s home. I’m nervous and excited all at the same time. I meet him at the door and he kisses me like I’m leaving on a trip. I love it. When he stands we’re breathing heavy and smiling at each other. I pull him to the couch where I have our drinks ready, but he says he needs to have a clear head for a meeting later.

Damn! ‘The party is off?’ He pulls me to his lap and tells me no, but he needs to talk to some people there. That doesn’t sound so bad. I feel like I’m on a roller coaster with my emotions spiking and falling. I smile at him and go for broke. ‘I planned on seducing you before the party but find that all my plans are jumbled in my head.’

He looks serious. ‘I have no problem waiting until you are sure.’

‘I’m sure. I’m not willing to try satisfying myself another damn night. I don’t know how to get to where I can sleep.’

He holds my hands and lifts my chin so I look at him. ‘We can get you satisfied so you sleep for the night.’ He’s smiling.

Dammit! I pull my hands away and move onto the couch. ‘How do I get you to make love to me?’ I sign mad. He laughs, making me pissed.

He turns my face to him again. ‘Just ask.’ He lifts me up and carries me to my bedroom so fast now I’m nervous and excited again. When he puts me down he stands back and signs. ‘If you get scared or it doesn’t feel right you have to tell me. You need a way to let me know if I’m not looking at you or your hands can’t tell me.’ He’s watching me, but I didn’t think this through. I shrug and put my hands up because I have no idea. ‘You’ll want to tell me no, and then yes, you’ll feel things you’ve never experienced and want things you can’t express. You trust me enough for this, but I need to know when something doesn’t work.’

I nod and think. ‘Pinch?’

He laughs. ‘That will work, depending on whether you’re a hellcat or not.’ I don’t know what to say to that, so I just look at him. He bends and kisses me again. Everything leaves me until I feel his hands moving to my shorts. I match his movements and unzip his pants. I feel his vibration against my head and touch his face. He pulls back. ‘I moan because it feels good for your hands to be on my cock.’ I nod. Keeping my hand on his face, I slide my other hand over him and squeeze. He does it again, closing his eyes halfway. This is what the books call half-mast. I do it again and he pulls my hand away. “If you keep that up I’ll never make it in you.” I read and look at his eyes. He’s happy. I can’t help but smile. I have control over his body. I’m feeling pretty good until his hands move and my shirt is gone. That was damn quick. I’m excited and breathing heavy as his hands move up to my breasts. Holy shit, this is way better than my hands. I’m undressed and on the bed, and I can’t remember getting here. He makes my head dizzy with kisses and his hands on me.


I’m not going to make it. She’s making sounds deep in her throat. She’s beautiful, just as I imagined, with curves in all the right places. I want to look at her, but I don’t think she’ll let me get away with that. She has no hesitation in me seeing her body and hasn’t taken her hands off me. I’m talking to her, but I have no idea if she understands. With her hands on me I’m close to losing it. I pull her hands away and she opens her eyes. “I’m going to get you ready for me, Sam I am. If you need me to stop pinch me.”

She nods, but her eyes are glazed and she’s panting. I kiss her lips and make my way down her beautiful fuckin’ curves. She’s going to love this. Taking her heavy tits in my hands, I squeeze and suck her nipple in. She cries out that low pitched sound and my dick jumps like it’s trained for it. Her hand holds my head to her, letting me know she likes this. I skate my hand lower and she lifts her hips. Fuckin’ nice. I can’t wait anymore. I kiss down to where my mouth needs to be. She’s got a small patch pointing me to her folds, sexy as hell. When my tongue swipes her clit she’s lifting her hips off the bed with that sound that’s driving me fuckin’ nuts. I spread her legs and taste her from the bottom up. I am so fucked. I know I won’t ever get enough.

With her hands on my head I miss my hair. I know she’d be pulling it. I moan and she presses my head down harder, making me smile. I slide my finger in her. She lifts her hips again and her noise is louder and longer. Fuck. I need to get her to keep still, but I’m not stopping to teach her now. She’s moving with my finger and tongue and I let her get there her way. Her body tightens up and I slide a second finger in, getting more sounds. She’s squeezing my head hard, making me work faster. I fuckin’ love it. Her body starts shaking and the noise is different. I lift my mouth off her and she cries out, pushing me back to her pussy. I like that she wants more and add a finger, stretching her open for me.

She lets out a wail, making me smile. I keep pumping my fingers in her, feeling her grabbing onto them. I slow my tongue down and move to taste her. Fuck! I’m ready to come with just her taste. When she calms I move up her so I can see her face. She looks like she’s surprised and dizzy all at the same time. I kiss her lips and pull away. “Next time I want to watch you come. It’s fuckin’ sexy as hell.”

About the Author

A former account executive, mother of three and grandmother of two. L. Ann lives in central USA where she found herself unemployed and having too much time on her hands. She decided to spend some time going back to her first love, writing. An avid reader herself, she found stories floating around in her head that were just waiting to be written and thought she would test the waters. 

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