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Blog Tour - Billionaires' Indulgence by Scarlett Avery

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My Thoughts

Holy hotness. Talk about a scorching hot read. 

Allison is starting over after discovering that her boyfriend was cheating and losing her job. She ends up getting a dream position with a foodie blogger that she is a huge fan. Little did she know that this also comes with the bonus of two delicious men that will more than tempt her. My only complaint is that this part of their story was way too short and I was dying at the cliffhanger. I can't wait to read more.

I give Billionaire' Indulgence 5 hearts!

About the Book

   Imagine catching your boyfriend cheating on you with another woman. After walking out on him, it suddenly hits you—you’re now homeless.

To make matters worst, you lose your job a few days after realizing your former relationship was nothing more than a pack of lies.

That's exactly what happened to twenty-three year old Allison Randal.

Down on her luck and slightly frazzled by all of these chaotic events colliding in her life, Allison seeks refuge in her best friend’s basement.

She needs time to think and more importantly she needs to find the strength to pick-up the pieces of her shattered existence. After losing her position as a junior graphic designer in one of Manhattan's top advertising agencies, Allison realizes she had very little passion for the profession she chose right after college.

Instead of condemning herself to another mind-numbing meaningless job, her best friend Gwyn suggests she explores her options.

After a few weeks of exhausting work at a high-end bedding shop, Gwyn surprises her with a life-changing news.

Against all odds, Allison lands her dream job and she flies from New York to Denver to spend the summer as the assistant to one of the most popular food bloggers and celebrity chefs in America.

Unbeknownst to her, she’s about to experience the most heart-stopping, mind-blowing and jaw-dropping adventure of her life.



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  BI Men


 “I’m sure it’s the booze talking, Jake. I mean look at me.” The minute the words leave my lips, I regret putting myself down like this.

“I am, gorgeous. I haven’t been able to peel my eyes away from you since I turned the corner of my house and saw you struggling with your luggage after the limo driver had dropped you off. Every time you move, I’m mesmerized by your beautiful, sensual hips.”

There’s no way a guy like Jake can genuinely be attracted to me. “I’m sure you’re just saying that.” His charm is already weakening my will to refuse him.

“I never bother saying things I don’t mean. I’m extremely attracted to your gorgeous body, Allison.”

“You don’t have to lie.”

He doesn’t even have to answer my question. The depth of his expression reveals that he’s very serious. “Lie?” He opens his mouth to speak again, but instead, he slams my body closer to his and once more I’m pressed against his undeniable arousal. “Do you feel that?” No sooner has he pressed his body against mine does he take a small step back without taking his eyes off of me.

Hell, yeah, I feel it. I’m so turned on I can only nod, my eyes glued to his hand where he’s cupping his crotch in such a raunchy and explicit way, I’m nearly salivating.

“My cock doesn’t lie.” The fire burning in his eyes leaves me speechless. I’ve never been with a man who looks at me like this.


“Everything about you drives me crazy—your sexy hourglass figure, your huge breasts and your arousing hips. I’ve had many kinky thoughts since your arrival about those hips,” he says, caressing my body. “This may surprise you, but not all men want a wafer-thin woman who’s shaped more like a young boy than a real woman.”

“In my experience men prefer skinny, model-perfect bodies.”

“Fools. In my world, your body is divine perfection,” he says, crushing my lips again. “I know this sounds crazy because you arrived a few hours ago and I really can’t explain this, but I do know I want more of you.”

  About the Author  

 I write sultry, sensual and steamy erotic romance novels that make women blush. I’ll admit my novels are a bit risqué, but if you can’t push the boundaries between the pages of a book, it’s just not fun.

I’m a Canadian Amazon Bestselling erotic romance author with a penchant for discovering the world. As a globetrotter, I’ve found it essential to inject my love of travelling in my erotic romance books.

I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world because I have family in Paris and in Italy—two of my favourite places on this planet.

I have a serious love affair with Italian gelato, ice cream, pound cake, homemade cookies and Martinis. Like most women, I have way more shoes than I need, but it’s so hard to resist getting new ones.

I’ve always wanted to write erotica novels, but never had the courage to put pen to paper until 2014—when I decided to jump in with both feet. Once I started writing, it’s as if I just couldn’t stop and now I find myself constantly walking around with new stories floating in my head all the time.

I have an obsession with Christian Louboutin shoes and they are on the list for me to buy the next time I visit family in Paris. At 5’9, I hardly need more height and God knows I can’t walk like a lady with anything higher than 2 1/2 inches, but I do love drooling all over them and I live vicariously through my main female characters in my novels who can wear 4 and even 5-inch Christian Louboutin heels without any problem

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