Friday, August 12, 2016

Release Blitz - Charged by Kerri Ann



My Thoughts

Kate is on the run and as her story begins we really have no idea why except that she is really afraid of being in one place to long for fear of being found. When her car breaks down that fear is in the forefront, but then Ryker comes into her life as the mechanic who works on her car. There is definitely some serious chemistry going on between the two of them. I have to admit to not really liking him doing his manwhore thing right in front of her to begin things off, but he definitely made up for that later on in their story. Theirs is a story of danger and passion and I really enjoyed it.

I give Charged 4 hearts!

About the Book


I’ve been on the run since entering into the Witness Protection Program over ten years ago. That’s what happens when the mob’s out to get you. When my cheap ass car breaks down, stranding me in Mississippi, I find the last thing I need right now. Ryker – the sexiest man I have ever laid eyes on. Figures he’d be a total manwhore. But he is the man that is going to fix my car, allowing me to escape before the mob catches up with me. I just need to keep my hormones in check while he does.


I’ve never had an issue finding a woman to fill my bed. Hell, it didn’t even have to be a bed. Back alley, the seedy bathroom in a bar, the bed of a truck in broad daylight. You name it, I’ve done it. But when Kate steps out of that tow truck, I’m hooked. She rattles my nerves, causing me to lose all sense of self control. All I want is to know her. But something is holding her back. She has a story, and I won’t rest until I know what it is.

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About the Author

With an avaricious appetite for stories, Kerri Ann can be found quite often with her nose in a book or writing it. On many occasion it has been said that she's in her own world, living in the stories of those she reads about, giving them a life they deserve.

She can easily be found under a tree in the shade, or reclining at Starbucks scribbling notes about new stories and new characters, while keeping the coffee chain in business.

Whether late at night, at a music festival, or sitting on a ski lift, when the thoughts arise Kerri will add them to those in progress.

This is her first self published book and she hopes you enjoy reading it as much as she enjoyed writing it.


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