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Blog Tour - Soar by Zara Cox

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While Spiral was more about Leia and Noah on their Indigo Lounge sensuous fantasy adventure, Soar is all about coming home to reality and all the drama in store for them. And I mean some serious drama. Of course they come back swearing to each other that it's them against the world, but one hit of the reality train and Leia jumps track with the whole I am doing it all for you excuse. Yeah, I wanted to shake the girl. I know she's been through a nightmare, but come on...Noah. He is one bad ass naughty talking bossy man. Seriously get out the damn fire hose because a glass of water isn't going to douse that scorching hot man. Well I really didn't like pissed off Noah much, but that was the point after all. Still even really angry Noah was all about giving Alia the "O" over and over and...damn where is that hose when you need it? So they get hit with the delusional ex, undercover crazy guardian, and off his rocker sick stepdaddy pretty quick. And holy hell the ex and guardian team up. That could've been a whole lot worse had stepdaddy jumped into the mix. It's like they're working in tandem though to wreak havok on these two people who've just found each other and begun to heal from the past deeds these three have managed.

I love how Zara writes this story making it so easy to invest in Leia and Noah's lives. And may I just suggest that Noah has some friends that really need to take another trip on the Indigo Lounge. Pretty please?

I give Soar 5 hearts!


Seven Nights, Seven Highs.

SOAR is the sizzling conclusion to the Indigo Lounge Series. 

 Dark and sinfully sexy Noah King thought he had left his past behind in New York. In Leia Michaels he thought he'd found his kindred spirit and an answer to all his unrelenting cravings. 

 But the past is not done with him. When his future explodes in a shower of nightmares he can’t walk away from, he’s left with an unconscionable choice. 

 For a painfully brief time, Leia imagined she was free at last. 

Free to contemplate a future with Noah King. 

But returning to Miami brings a whole new set of nightmares. 

 She craves a man who will never be hers. And her shadows of her past are closing in on her. 

 For the lovers of Sylvia Day's Crossfire series, comes the next scorching story from this bestselling series. Warning: this book contains explicit scenes of scorching sex, heartache and emotional highs that will leave your pulse racing. 18+ only.

He kissed the side of her mouth, his tongue licking at the point where her lips wrapped around his thumb. “I’m not ashamed to beg, Leia,” he whispered. “I need you. Don’t leave me, baby. Whatever the fuck’s going on, we’ll work our way through it.”
She wavered. Maybe they could work their way through this. Maybe she could even work her mind past the fact that he’d spent time behind bars. That was something else she’d have to deal with. But it didn’t compare to the fact that another woman was having his baby.
His pulled his thumb from her mouth and replaced it with his lips. Their kiss was incandescent as Noah mercilessly reminded of their incredible chemistry. As if she needed reminding. Too soon, he let her up for air.
She tried to gather her scattered thoughts. “Noah…”
“You can have this, baby. So many nights and days of this. Don’t you want that? My cock inside your beautiful body?” His hand slid from her ass to wedge between her legs. A slight pressure had her shuddering and suppressing a groan. “I’ll take care of you, baby. Worship you day and night. No matter what. You’re the most important thing to me. Don’t fucking walk away from me now. Please.”

Meet the Author

Zara Cox has been writing for almost twenty-five years but it wasn't until seven years ago that she decided to share her love of writing sexy, gritty stories with anyone but her close family (the over 18s anyway!). The Indigo Lounge Series is Zara's next step in her erotic romance writing journey and she loves to hear from her readers.  

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