About Me

Hey there friends…

My name is Wendy. 
I am married to a warrior 
and momma to 3 in training. 
I love my guys madly.

I just love books.
My mom took me to the library when I was just a tiny
and opened my world wide within the pages of books.
From that first day that I used my library card
until now, I have read many, many books.
I love the people and their stories that
I am able to experience within the words on a page.
I love the brilliance of the minds of the authors
that put these words on a page for all to consume.
So here is where I will share some of the great books that I read.
I hope that you'll share some of yours too.

So pull up a comfy seat.
Grab a cuppa.
And let's chat books, friends.


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