Monday, October 27, 2014

Book Review - Exposed by Fate by Tessa Bailey

My Thoughts

Eliza comes to Oliver with a proposition. She wants him to teach her more about dominance and submission. There is a man she would like to spend some time with from the club, but she feels like she needs to be more experienced to do so. Oliver has been attracted to his sister's best friend for years and takes this opportunity to be with her. And be with her he does. Holy hotness! Oliver is just delicious and brilliant with the naughty talk that comes out of his mouth. They agree to three sessions and got way more than they expected out of those moments. They both thought they would be protecting their hearts when in reality they were opening them to each other. I absolutely loved their story and can't wait for the next book in the series!

I give Exposed by Fate 5 hearts!

About the Book

He'll train her to lure another man. She'll lure him instead.

 When interior designer Eliza Ballas accompanies a friend to New York's premier BDSM club, she's taken aback by the sheer want that overruns her body--especially when a sexy Brit assumes Eliza is adept at dark, sensual arts. If she's going to play, she'll need an erotic education, and she knows just the man to teach her how to submit...

 Oliver Preston isn't one to turn down pleasure, but Eliza's his sister's best friend, and he's torn between a sense of duty and his rock-hard need to find out if she tastes as delicious as he's dreamed. Unable to handle the thought of another man owning her body, he draws Eliza deep into his world of exquisite pain and pleasure.

 He has three lessons to instruct her. Three lessons to drive them both to the brink of ecstasy. And three lessons before he must give her to another man...if he doesn't lose himself first.

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About the Author

Tessa lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and young daughter. When she isn't writing or reading romance, Tessa enjoys a good argument and thirty-minute recipes. 

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