Monday, October 6, 2014

Book Review - Kink's Way by Jenika Snow

My Thoughts

Cookie was just rescued by the Brothers of Menace from a nightmare that she had been sold into years earlier. This was her first taste of freedom. She works tending bar for the MC. Cookie only has eyes for Kink. As scary and intimidating he is, she just can't help herself.

Kink is the VP of the Brothers of Menace and is in the process of trying to get custody of his daughter. He sees Cookie and wants her too, but doesn't pursue her as he believes she deserves a better life than he can offer. Then the MC goes on lockdown after an explosion takes out one of their cabins. Cookie and Kink are in close quarters and stop resisting the pull to each other.

I really loved Cookie and Kink's story!
I give Kink's Way 5 hearts!

About the Book

Being the VP of The Brothers of Menace means Kink has to make tough calls, and be hard as nails. But giving himself the rule of not doing relationships means for a lonely life, especially when he wants a woman that is just as damaged as he is.

Cookie has risen above the nastiness that life has thrown her way. But then she sees Kink, a man that is rough and dangerous, and she wants him more than she has ever wanted a man.

But just when Cookie and Kink start to give in to each other, drama unfolds with the MC, and with Kink's personal life. He is at risk of losing his daughter, and the ones responsible for bombing The Brothers territory strike on a personal level. Soon violence is erupting, lives are on the brink, and all Kink can think about is being with Cookie. 

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About the Author

Jenika Snow is a bestselling author of paranormal erotic, dark erotic, New adult, and many other sub-genres of erotic romance. She lives in the northwest with her husband and their two daughters. Before she started writing full-time she worked as a nurse. 

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