Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Book Review - Nikki's Fated by Suzette Rose Cauler

My Thoughts

Nikki has finally found her mate, but the only problem is that Luke has no desire to be mated. This joining is being forced on both of them to join two families. Luke suggests after the ceremony that they can enjoy each other physically without all the trappings of a real relationship and manages to push Nikki further away in the process. After spending a required passionate night together where Luke once again pushes her away, Nikki goes for a run and ends up meeting her other mate - Luke's brother Mason. Mason is completely opposite of Luke and is thrilled to have found her and wants her desperately. She falls for him as well. They will need Luke to complete the joining and he will have to come to grips with his growing feelings for Nikki.

Suzette wrote a scorcher of a romance that I just couldn't put down until the very last page. Mason was just delicious and has quite a way with words to make a girl swoon. I loved Nikki, Mason, and Luke story and left the last page wanting more.

I give Nikki's Fated 5 hearts!

About the Book

Wolf shifter Nikki Black never expected her love life to mean the difference between lasting peace and all-out war. Especially when her fated, Luke Andres, wants nothing to do with her. Forced to join to prevent bloodshed between their rival clans, Nikki and Luke enjoy a blistering night of passion before facing another complication—Luke’s brother is also Nikki’s destined mate.

Mason Andres is passionate, loving, and sexy, and Nikki falls hard for him, thrilled that he feels the same. She wants the same love-match with Luke, but that’s the one thing Luke can’t risk giving her. Fighting destiny to keep his heart safe from the only woman who can claim it, Luke makes plans that could separate them for good. But when love and passion run soul-deep, fate can overturn even the best-laid plans.

Will Luke admit his love for Nikki before it’s too late, or will his wounded heart destroy the trio’s shot at lasting happiness?

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About the Author

Suzette has loved books (all types really) for as long as she can remember. As a child, she'd get lost in books for hours, using a flashlight to read under the covers long past bed time. She read her first romance novel as a preteen and was immediately hooked by the swoon-worthy heroes and daring, spunky damsels. Though her reading tastes have definitely matured, Suzette continues to enjoy romance novels, especially those of the erotic, paranormal, fantasy, or historical variety. She writes almost as voraciously as she reads and typically falls head over heels in love with her heroes.

Though everyday types of romantic situations do appeal to her, stories that include adventure, intrigue, or danger have always made Suzette's heart go pitter patter. If they incorporate some science fiction too, she is even happier.  You'll find elements like these in most of her stories as well as strong heroines who can take care of themselves but sometimes enjoy letting someone else take the lead.

Suzette lives on the East Coast with five little people who help keep her spirit young and her imagination fresh.

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