Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Book Review - White Knight by Kelly Meade

My Thoughts

White Knight was definitely my favorite of the three books. I just loved Knight's story. He is barely holding it together with Shay being taken and knowing that the hybrids are fighting to get him. Meanwhile Shay is held prisoner by her crazy half sisters and taking care of a baby. 

This story is the best finale with everything finally coming to a head with Shay's rescue and the bad guy revealing himself. The brothers and those they love are ready to fight for everything that matters to them. I so loved this series.

I give White Knight 5 hearts!

About the Book


Despite a month of peace from hybrid attacks, the constant threat of violence has the loup garou on edge. Knight McQueen’s home feels like a military compound and his people have become battle-weary soldiers. And Knight’s tenuous grip on his own self-control has been further damaged by the disappearance of the only woman whose touch brings him peace.

Held prisoner by her hybrid half-sisters and forced to care for an unknown child, Shay Butler’s quarterly is approaching but a silver-laced collar prevents her from shifting. As her time draws closer, her sanity begins to slip.

The opportunity to rescue Shay arrives when Magus enemy Archimedes Atwood requests a parley to discuss ways to end the conflict between their people and stop the rogue hybrids. Alpha Bishop McQueen agrees, bringing his brothers together to form a plan that will bring Shay home to Knight, stop the final two hybrids—and finally bring Archimedes to justice once and for all...

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About the Author

Raised on a steady diet of Star Wars, Freddy Krueger and "Fear Street" novels, Kelly Meade developed a love for all things paranormal at a very young age. The stealthy adolescent theft of a tattered paperback from her grandmother's collection of Harlequins sparked an interest in romance that has continued to this day. Writing as Kelly Meding, Meade is the author of the Dreg City urban fantasy and the MetaWars books.

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