Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Book Review - Have Gun Will Travel by Layla Wolfe

My Thoughts

When a very bad man beats and slashes up one of her friends Bee organizes the sweetbutts to gather enough money to put a hit on him. Sax has come back to town after being exiled as a nomad with the MC for years. Exiled by his own brother for trumped up reasons no less. After a call from his nephew Harte asking him to come deal with his dad who is the President of their MC. I won't give anything away, but there is a whole lot of complicated within this family. Even knowing that he may not have any influence, Sax comes back to town. He ends up meeting Bee and can't resist the attraction. Neither can she. Let me just say that you mix MC with some bossy man daddy action and I am hooked. Sax is scorching and man can he give good naughty talk. I really loved their story and can't wait to read the rest of this series.

I give Have Gun Will Travel 5 hearts!

About the Book

Beatrix Hellman has reunited with her Bare Bones sweetbutt friends from high school.  Her isolated life in a mountaintop convent has ground to a sudden halt, her faith dashed against the rocks.   She needs something else to believe in, and her old friends become her new family.  But a sadistic cartel associate of the club has maimed one of the whores.  Bee and the women put a bounty on Tony Tormenta’s head.  And they think they know just the man for the job.

Zane “Sax” Saxonberg is back from a different sort of exile.  He was banished by his club Prez brother Leo a decade ago to ride the interstates of America as a nomad.  Haunting back road BDSM clubs, Sax has a willing submissive in every state.  He returns to the Bare Bones’ backyard to help the women and to check on his nephew Harte.  Instead he finds a fiery slave in Bee—part camp counselor, part nun, part Force-Me Queen.

Will Sax’s bold heroics renew Bee’s faith in the world?  She finds control and strength in submitting to the virile bad boy biker.  With each power exchange, she is brought closer to a fresh hope and conviction, but tracking down the brutal Tormenta also brings fresh danger as they close in on his mountaintop hideout.

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About the Author

Layla Wolfe is satisfied with a leather jacket, one bad-ass pink camo compound bow, and a vicarious outlaw lifestyle.

Layla has published 30+ erotic romance titles under the name Karen Mercury.

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