Thursday, June 25, 2015

Release Day Blitz - Shelby by Kemmie Michaels

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My Thoughts

Shelby feels so alone after Mason breaks it off with her and the rest of her friends are finding love. Little by little she isolates herself and begins to lose everything including her job. To pass the time she plays at hacking and tries to hide in meaningless hookups. While out one night she meets Dare and he attempts to keep her from being with strangers. They develop a routine of meeting and talking, but Shelby is just so sad and angry. My heart so hurt for her. She was just so broken. Then something happens that will change everything for her. Dare is a huge part of it and he has some serious secrets. They fall hard for each other when they are forced to spend time together. They will have to make choices they never expected to make in order to make their forever after happen. I couldn't stop reading Shelby's story and so wanted her to find happiness with Dare.

I give Shelby 4 hearts!

About the Book

*Intended for an adult audience*

Shelby Keene has lost touch…with her friends, her job, and even herself. She is swept along by life happening around her, until danger forces her further into a wild current beyond her control. 

Even in the most dire of circumstance, a chance at love may redeem past mistakes and protect her from the terrifying threats against her.

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Well, there you have it. Shelby's in a corset. I simply shake my head, wondering what lies on the ladder-rung below this one. I've been watching her long before I needed to start surveillance, and I saw her step steadily down one tiny notch at a time since I was assigned her case those few months ago. Watching isn't stalking if I'm her assigned guardian angel, right? I shake my head at myself again. Since then, she's gone from sweet and almost virginal to coming to bars like a walking train wreck.

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About The Author

Mother of Two Boys...

My husband and I have been married for 17 years and are blessed with two amazing young men. They are 10 and 12 right now, and both are on very different parts of the autism spectrum. I’ve learned so much being their mom and I feel pretty lucky to have become part of a community of loving, understanding people. 

If you’d like to meet my oldest son, watch Big Bang Theory and shake hands with Sheldon. Those two are so similar, straight down to the fake laugh when they recognize something is funny.

My youngest cannot be explained. He’s more of an experience, and a joyful one at that. 

Romance Novelist...
I’ve always loved to write. I’ve written for newspapers and magazines, also a host of personal projects. Then in December of 2012 I was reading on my first Kindle, gobbling up romances left and right. That’s when I fell in love with Ethan Blackstone, by the way.

I was inspired to sit down and write. Less than one year later I’ve published three books, written another and its sequel novella, and started on two more. Another series popped into my head, as well. Now as of August of 2014, I’m on the verge of publishing book six, with at least five started or specifically planned. Since I’m sure I won’t update this bio for a long time, you’ll have to rely on my Facebook updates to know what’s going on with Kemmie Michaels romances. You can also subscribe to my newsletterfor releases, covers, sales, and other news.

...and I LOVE coffee.

Other books in the series

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