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Release Day Blitz - Wayward Beginning by K. Renee

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Wayward Beginning
Book 3 in the Wayward Saints MC Series
Cover Photo by Shauna Kruse 
of Kruse Images and Photography: 
Models and Boudoir 
Front Cover Model: Stephen Hughes-Landers
Back Cover Model photo: Dollar Photo Stock
Cover Design: KLa Boutique

My Thoughts

Oh my how I love Cason. He has loved and lost and been betrayed. He is the President of the Wayward Saints leading and taking care of his family. He has closed his heart off to the possibility of loving not wanting to ever let anyone that close again. Then Henley comes into his life and breaks down that walls. He falls hard for his little lawyer wanting to make her his, but at the same time holding back so he doesn't get hurt. Henley starts receiving threats that if she helps Cason's men that she will suffer the consequences. Cason isn't going to let anything happen to her. He and his men look into who is behind what is happening and I have to tell you I totally didn't see that one coming. I love that the author surprised me with that reveal. 

I was really looking forward to reading Cason's story and was over the top thrilled with it. Cason is scorching hot and I loved that Henley was his match. I can't wait to read the next book in the series. I am totally hooked.

I give Wayward Beginning 5 hearts!

About the Book

Cason Davoli has had his share of heartache and problems. No one ever said that being the President of the Wayward Saints would be a cake walk. After losing his wife to a rival club drive by and his daughter to her selfish mother, Cason vowed to never get close to another woman. The minute the sassy lawyer walked into his bar, he knew he was in for trouble.

Henley Reid has strived to be the best lawyer she could be. At thirty-two, she’s finally happy with her career. The only thing she is missing is a love life, not that she would admit to it. The moment she walks into the Wayward Tavern, she knows her new clients are going to be trouble. One look at the Wayward Saints president and she’s hooked.

Can Cason show Henley how to unwind and have some fun?

Will Henley be able to prove that she’s nothing like is ex Selena?

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Henley's Point of View

Cason looks around the room, then back at me. “Angel, where’s your phone?” I point over to my desk and he releases me, walks over and grabs it, then tosses it over to the other guy, who starts to press buttons.

I don't want him going through my phone, so I march over to him and grab it out of his hand. Cason is crazy if he thinks I'm going to let him control any part of my life.

"You are not going to go through my phone,” I state, pointing my finger at the scary-looking biker in the doorway. I turn to face Cason. "And you," I state, pointing my finger at him, “are not going to come in here and threaten my boss."

Cason just shakes his head at me. I can tell by the look on his face that he isn't very happy. He walks up to me and runs his hands along my face, then grips the back of my head. Our lips are less than an inch apart. I can feel his breath on my face and I want to devour him. I stare into his blue eyes.

He leans into my ear and whispers, "Angel, don't ever disrespect me in front of my men again. My guy will look at your phone. He's the best shot I have at figuring out who is coming after you. As our lawyer, you are under our protection. No ifs, ands, or buts about it."
He can't be serious, can he?

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About the Author

K. Renee started writing this year, but has loved writing since she was young. She started this series because the story wouldn't get out of her head, no matter what she did. She's twenty-six years old, typically writing in her free time or on her lunch break. K. Renee works full-time and tries to go to the gym every day. She reads constantly and has hundreds of books she can't wait to start.

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