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Book Review - Walking Back to Georgia by Sasha Marshall

My Thoughts

Harley is definitely the queen, but this part of her story is about the aftermath of something I never saw coming for her. She survives and everyone distances themselves from her. I wanted to kick some shins because they were punishing her for something she already suffered for in that moment. My heart broke for her even more when a man she trusted also turns his back. And when he wants to come back into her life I was like not just no but hell no. Thank goodness Harley protects her heart. Then her eyes are opened to a man she had never before considered and HOLY wish came true! I won't say who, but I will say I was over the top excited about it. 

Sasha has written a woman who although is a superstar goes through the ups and downs of life some days strong and others not so much, but she is always real. I love Harley. Sasha has also written and incredible group of characters both friends and family that surround Harley. I really can't wait to read the next book to see what happens next with Harley.

I give Walking Back to Georgia 5 hearts!

About the Book

I died. I fu*&ing died, and when I woke up in a Los Angeles hospital my best friend walked away from me. It wasn’t quite the welcoming back to the world of the living I thought I’d receive, but it rattled me. My dead best friend led me back to Georgia to get my life together, and while I’m working on it trouble follows me. I try to keep my distance from Jagger and company while I chase after sobriety, but a friend pops back into my life and a private moment is leaked to the world. One of the people I never thought would walk away from me did exactly that. I deal with rejection the best way I can, but before I can clear my head Cory and I are looking down the wrong end of a barrel and I’m forced to fight for my life. We complete our new studio album which means Broken Access and Abandoned Shadow will travel on a promotional tour to tell everyone we’re playing a world tour. While on the promotional tour, I run into jungle peepers, a riot of fans chasing me, a 1% motorcycle club and a one-eyed teddy bear, and two men fighting over me. I keep my head high through the drama, but then I’m asked to be in a steamy video for Broken Access which can only mean more trouble for me. Just when I figured out how to be the best version of me I can be and how to stay healthy, my eyes are open to something I never thought was possible. I must understand the difference between love and lust, and accept that I need a healthy relationship where I’m free to be me.

This is a rock star romance series with a strong female lead, bad boys, and rock romance. This is not your typical rock star romance novel, this book will take you on a different adventure from anything you've ever experienced.

This book is not a stand-alone novel. Books 1 and 2 in the Guitar Face Series should be read first.
If you are looking for a story of redemption with comic relief and a heavy sexual mind, you've found it. If you are offended by hot, tattooed rock stars who are vulgar then this is not the book for you. Please be warned, this book is not for anyone below the age of 18. The book has sex, death, violence, and harsh language.

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Henley Hendrix has been a guitar prodigy since the age of 12, and has grown up in rock-n-roll her entire life. By the age of 22 she was the Queen of rock-n-roll, and lead singer/guitarist in her band Abandoned Shadow. Women wanted to be her, and men simply wanted her. Tragedy strikes and she walks away from music for four years. She spends four years attempting to pick up the pieces of her life, then she is slowly pulled back to the only things she has ever loved, music and Jagger Carlyle.

Jagger is People's Sexiest Man Alive, and rock's biggest bad boy, and every woman wants to bed him, while every man wants to be him. Jagger presses her to tour with his and her brother's band, Broken Access, and sparks fly. Her eyes are opened back up to music, and to the boy she fell in love with in the sixth grade.

The journey is marked by Henley's fears of her past, and how to proceed with her music career. She is surrounded by comic relief, and most of all love, but will the pressures of the rich and famous be too much after her sabbatical? Will the cameras and the women be too much for her?

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Henley Hendrix, Queen of Rock-n-Roll, finds her world shattered again. She attempts to pick up the pieces of her life, but finds it difficult to claim her title in the world of rock when her personal life is turned upside down. Life begins to spin out of control, and so does her behavior. The Guitar Goddess loses her footing on reality when she feels betrayal from everyone she thought loved her. As the turmoil seems to proliferate, so does her attitude and conduct. Will she find herself amid all the chaos, or will the bright lights consume her?

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About the Author

I have a pretty abrasive sense of humor, and I speak "guy" on most days. I love music, so incorporating it into Guitar Face was only natural. I toured with The Allman Brothers Band as a concert photographer during 2009, and gained a great deal of insight into the music industry and the lives of the rich and famous, and readers can see a good deal of that in the book.

I live in Georgia, and have three dogs who drive me crazy. Most of my book was written while a mini schnauzer, 80 lb. lab, and an American Bulldog puppy (who is part monster and part baby doll, and possibly a tad of goat) all seeing who can sit closest to me.

I enjoy tattoos, art, music, writing, reading, and photography. I love my boys bad, and tattoos are a must!

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