Monday, July 20, 2015

Release Day Blitz - Defending Pacer by TJ Hamilton

My Thoughts

Damn that Pacer is one hot naughty talking man. As Chelsea's newest client, he brings all kinds of trouble with him. She just can't resist him and he is head over heels for her. She has to find a way to defend him and get the charges against him dropped and he goes stalker guy wanting to get her in his bed and his life. Chelsea finds some serious masterminding going on that puts Pacer in danger of going to jail for a very long time and she comes up with a way to fix it. I so girl crushed Chelsea. She smart, sassy, and sexy. Perfect for sizzling Pacer. I so loved their story. 

I give Defending Pacer 5 hearts!


Chelsea Tanner’s career as a defence lawyer is rapidly climbing. Her strong ethics and sharp wit in the courtroom has paved her way into becoming an associate of Sydney’s top law firm. She hasn’t lost a single case in her short but successful career. Law is her life, living and breathing it leaves little time for anything more. When a member from the infamous Legano Family is up on a murder charge, Chelsea finds more. 

Pacer Fratelli is dark, hard and completely consumed by his new defence lawyer. Chelsea and Pacer’s worlds couldn’t be further apart but he wants more … and what Pacer wants, Pacer gets.

When bad love feels so good, just how far would you go to defend it?

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Those damn leather gloves, I blame them. 

I run my fingers through my hair to blow out at the wet strands that have stuck around my lips, and I grab my glass and gulp the remainder of my week old wine, before flopping back against the couch to collect my thoughts. 

Seriously though, what the hell was that? 

Pacer Fratelli is my client! A dangerous client. A client who I know is a murderer. 

I can’t feel like this, but I do. 

His smile flashes before my eyes again. Oh my god, would you just leave me the hell alone? I punch my fists down onto the chair, either side of me. 

I strip down as I head to the shower, peeling off each layer like I’m shedding skin and discarding the clothes on the floor with an angry slap. My body is still abuzz with my post-assault, but at the same time, I am pissed off. These thoughts have no place in my mind. They can fuck right off. 

A after a good talking to myself in the stream of the cold shower, I throw on my old university sweats, ready to see my night out in front of the coffee table … and all things Pacer Fratelli. 

Dangerously hot, Pacer Fratelli.


About the Author

TJ is a former cop, turned writer who uses her first-hand experience of working the city streets of inner city Sydney, to now write sexy stories of mystery and intrigue. Her head has been buried in crime since studying criminology at university over a decade ago, and she just can’t seem to shake her fascination with the macabre. TJ now lives a quiet life in the tropics with her handsome husband and kids where she writes a weekly column for her local newspaper, and spends her days re-living the action packed life she may have once had through her strong fictional characters.

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