Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Review Tour - Guiding Grayson by Josie Lohr

My Thoughts

Grayson absolutely loves to teach and is so excited to have been accepted to teach at a school she didn't think would be offered to her. Her boyfriend isn't happy about it at all. He instead wanted to marry her and start having babies. Reid is definitely a spoiled rich boy. She leaves to begin her new job and ends up meeting Emmett who owns the school. There is some serious chemistry between them. Emmett is very swoon worthy and I so wanted her to dump Reid for him. When Emmett comes to her rescue with Reid, Grayson will have to decide between the two. I enjoyed their story.

I give Guiding Grayson 4 hearts!


Grayson Sutton loves teaching...and she’s good at it. She's one of those teachers who throws every ounce of heart and passion into working with kids—and her students love her for it.

When Grayson hears about a position at a new charter school opening in Chicago, she knows she has to apply for her dream job—even though it’s over one thousand miles away from the small Georgia town she calls home with her longtime boyfriend Reid. After all, Reid has plans for Grayson’s future...and they don’t include teaching, especially not in Chicago.

When her offer letter arrives on a day with special significance for the couple, Grayson decides to compromise and move to Chicago with the understanding that it’s only temporary. But once there, she meets Emmett, the handsome owner of the school, and the chemistry between them complicates everything.

As Grayson makes a new life for herself in Chicago, she finds herself in the middle of a tug of war between her heart and home. Reid isn’t going to let go of Grayson without a fight…but neither will Emmett.

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About the Author

Josie Lohr grew up in a northern suburb of Chicago. After graduating from Indiana University she worked in advertising and then crossed over into the healthcare industry.

Lohr is an avid reader and wine lover. She currently lives in Indianapolis.

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