Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Book Review - Going Down by Jayne Rylon

My Thoughts

Being a huge fan of Jayne, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the first book in this new series. Come on...she writes these sizzling stories (have you read her Hot Rods and Men in Blue series???) and I just knew that this one was going to hit all the right buttons. 

Three friends who happen to be Doms and create a getaway for people who do good...yeah there are just so many fantastic things about just that part of the story. Archer. Holy hotness. He is delish. Sure he has an issue or two to get through with Waverly, but damn once the man figures all that out he is swoon worthy for sure. And who doesn't want a man who takes care of everything like he does. Kind of like Batman without the costume and cave. Of course there is a bump along the way, but I loved that he and Waverly made their way back to each other. And can I just say that his besties sure do know how to give an apology. Damn scorching hot. I loved everything about Archer's story and I can't wait to read more of this series. 

I give Going Down 5 hearts!

About the Book

Three SCUBA instructors, who happen to be sexual dominants, are about to take the ultimate plunge. If you’re extraordinarily lucky, you’ll be invited to join them on The Divemaster, where work and pleasure go hand in hand. Welcome aboard!

Archer Banks relishes his carefree lifestyle. Together with friends and fellow divemasters Miguel Torres and Tosin Ellis, he travels the world, SCUBA diving by day, entertaining lonely female tourists by night. Until his father dies, instantly transforming Archer from a beach bum to a billionaire by shackling him with an enormous, undesired inheritance.

With the help of his family’s longtime butler, Archer is determined to turn his new golden handcuffs into a golden opportunity. He prays Miguel and Tosin will come along for the ride when he repurposes his family’s mega-yacht into a vessel well-suited for both work and hardcore play.

Never in his worst nightmares does he expect their maiden voyage to be such rough sailing. Not only is Archer’s old crush, Waverly Adams, among their passengers, but the men have also stumbled upon a vast sunken treasure—one worth killing for.

Waverly surprises Archer with an alluring naughtiness he never got the chance to experience in their younger days. Busy accepting the challenge she issues his dominant side in The Divemaster’s onboard club every night, he might be distracted and short on sleep. But could he also be blind to more dangerous facets of her personality?

When the divemasters can no longer deny there’s foul play at hand, will Archer be going down with the ship, cursed by his family’s fortune, or will Waverly turn out to be the woman of his most wicked dreams?

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About the Author

Jayne Rylon is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She received the 2011 Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award for Best Indie Erotic Romance. Her stories used to begin as daydreams in seemingly endless business meetings, but now she is a full time author, who employs the skills she learned in her straight-laced corporate existence in the business of writing. She lives in Ohio with two cats and her husband, who both inspires her fantasies and supports her career. When she can escape her purple office, she loves to travel the world, avoid speeding tickets in her beloved Sky, and, of course, read.

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