Thursday, February 1, 2018

Release Day Blitz - Through The Woods by Shannon Myers

Forced to run from her drug-dealing boyfriend,
Neve ends up injured and alone
in the middle of the Colorado wilderness.
She never planned on being rescued by seven bikers
and brought to their clubhouse.
While the other bikers welcome a female presence,
their leader, Charm, is not impressed.
As Neve recuperates, she begins to see
that there's much more to this club president
than she thought possible.
However, while she might've run,
she can't stay hidden forever.

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My eyes fluttered open to piercing red and blue lights
flashing all around me.
Men’s voices carried from nearby
as they yelled to each other,

amid sirens screaming in the distance.
I had no idea where I was.
“Miss? Can you hear me?”
A yellow man asked, as he knelt next to me,

concern marring his features.
I was disoriented—exhaustion threatening
to pull me back into blissful oblivion.
He obviously wasn’t yellow,

just wearing a suit that color.
Aramid fibers, my brain urged,
and I struggled to remember how I knew that.
I began coughing until my eyes watered,
but I couldn’t get a full breath.

My chest felt as if it would crack open
from the strain.
The outer shell usually consisted
of a Kevlar type material…what was it called?
Someone else knelt down on the other side of me,
shining a small light into my eyes.

Mouths moved, but I only heard the rush of blood
in my ears.

I turned my head ever so slightly to the left
and that was when I saw it.
An inferno.
Incidentally, that was when I remembered
that the material was NOMEX,

but instead of being relieved,
I was left with more questions than answers.
I felt the moisture on my cheek as a tear escaped,
before being lifted onto a stretcher

and driven away from the devastation.
I wanted to wail and scream, but I’d caused this.
Not so very long ago, the sirens wailed loudly
and the world that I’d known ceased to exist.
I discovered that, sometimes,
it’s not giants with booming voices
or cackling witches

who swoop down from the sky—
it’s not even a curse cast by an enchantress.
Sometimes, the foe that steals away everything
you held dear is the reflection in the mirror.
The villain you never imagined—
the evil you never saw coming…you.

Shannon is a born and raised Texan.
She grew up inventing clever stories,
usually to get herself out of trouble.
Her mother was not amused.
In junior high, she began writing
fractured fairy tales
from the villain's point of view
and that was the moment she knew
that she was going to use her powers for evil
instead of good.

In 2003, she moved to Denver

and met the love of her life.
After some relentless stalking
and a few well-timed sarcastic remarks,
the man eventually gave in to her charms
and wifed her so hard.
They welcomed a son in 2007 that they named
after their favorite Marvel superhero, Spiderman.

Sick of seeing beautiful mountains

through their window every day,
the three escaped back to the desolate landscape
of the west Texas desert in 2009.
She welcomed her second son not long after
and soon realized
that being surrounded by three men
was nothing at all like she'd imagined
in her fantasies.

After an unplanned surgery in 2014 and a long pity party,

she decided to pen a novel about the worst thing
that could happen
to a person in order to cheer herself up.
She's twisted like that.
Thus, From This Day Forward was born and the rest,
as they say, is history.

Not only does Shannon enjoy stalking people,

she also has a fondness for being stalked.

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